brush preparation...
Will learn
That you
how to paint
Ideal for beginners and for anyone who wants to improve drawing skills
You will paint a picture with your own hands in just 2 hours
All necessary materials are already included in the kit
Each kit of paintings includes
You don't need to buy anything to start painting with our video master classes. All necessary materials are included in the kit price and delivered to your home
These are the ones chosen by professionals to paint with acrylics, because they have no end at the bundle, the brush is able to pick up a large amount of paint and hold it
From 2 to 6 brushes
*depending on the selected package
The paints based on pigments and water-acrylic dispersion are unique by elasticity, have a high concentration of pigment and saturated tone
From 1 to 3 sets of acrylic paints
*depending on the selected package
handy palette
Palette - is a universal artist's tool that allows to create new unusual shades of color
Catalog of paintings with images of those paintings, which you will be able to paint yourself on our video master classes
Catalog of paintings
The apron protects your clothes and your space from stains, since creating is an uncontrollable process
from 1 to 3 disposable aprons
*depending on the selected package
*depending on the selected package
Video master-class
For each picture there is a video lesson with a step-by-step and detailed explanation, by which you can easily draw your picture
From 4 to 17 video master classes
A professional pencil and eraser will provide you comfortable working on your picture
Basic tools for painting
Pencil and eraser
From 3 to 9 canvases of professional canvases (30x40)
Cotton canvas with professional primer. Thanks to the cotton material we make a quality stretched on the stretcher
*depending on the selected package
WHY WILL you definitely learn how to draw?
2. instructional videos
4. Applying skills in practice
The artist tells step by step and shows the actions and their sequence. By repeating after the professional you are guaranteed to paint your first paintings
Each set includes 3 video master classes for painting specific pictures. Consistent painting practice reinforces the knowledge and acquired skills
3. Video workshops for paintings
Each of three sets includes clear and illustrative instructional videos for the appropriate level (from beginner to advanced)
1. Unique method of studying
While learning by our method, you understand what/how/why and you develop sustainable skills that you can apply in each of your pictures
5. Bonus: all inclusive
You are guaranteed to paint 3, 6 or 9 paintings with your own hands during the training. You'll get all the materials you need to paint these pictures along with the instructional videos
«all inclusive»
Special offer
If you buy any two sets you get:
• a third set as a gift
• 5 more master class video clips of paintings from our catalog
• free shipping worldwide
• "New Year's Surprise" as a gift
«standart plus»
«As a gift»
5 video master classes of painting pictures
100 €
100 €
200 €
100 €
100 €
Master classes of painting pictures that you can choose to give as gifts
*Gifts are selected when purchasing the special offer «ALL INCLUSIVE»
special offer for your child
Why Choose Us?
For any age and gender
Our sets have no age restrictions, in the catalog you will find pictures for any taste (and for children too)
All in one place
You don't need to buy anything extra, we took care that you have everything you need for creativity
Guaranteed Results
We guarantee that with our video master class you'll draw a picture with your own hands, even if you've never drawn before
Premium quality
We provide only professional materials so you can enjoy the process of painting
a creative and useful gift
The best gift is a skill that will stay with the person forever + the emotions that gives the process
advantage of online learning
You don't have to adjust to the group, the teacher, the course dates. You can enjoy the process of drawing when you want to
Quickly learn to draw
You'll get visible results - realized paintings in a short time and a solid drawing skill
To make a long-time dream come true
You will have the opportunity to quickly realize your desire and guaranteed to paint a few pictures with your own hands
Get a new hobby
You'll immerse yourself in the process of drawing, get admiring reviews of your work, and be able to draw whenever and wherever you want
Make a creative gift
Give a creative and memorable gift to family and friends for a good price

our painting sets are great for those who wants to:

The process of creating a picture
Preparatory stage
Instructional video
tutorial video
  • Free up your time
  • Prepare the materials from the kit
  • Read the instructions
  • Watch the instructional video before you begin painting
  • Stick to all the recommendations from the lesson
  • Draw slowly, following the artist's lead
  • Stretch out the process and have fun
Step #1
Step #2
Step #3
Order an unforgettable gift for yourself or your family
Choose a set
Over 1,000+ people
have painted their first pictures using our video master classes
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